Monday, June 7, 2010

A Simple Breakfast @ Home Sweet Home

Our morning started early last Saturday as we had to bake for Nazimah's cupcakes. Ms. Kecik was restless as both me and hubby were busy with something else other than her.

So, we decided to take a break from 'work' and entertained her instead. I whipped up very simple dishes. Chicken soup Campbell the easiest. On the side is French bread sapu with butter and sprinkled with pepper+thyme, dibakar.

Ms. Kecik has been much of a help. In the kitchen that is. Setakat angkat pinggan mangkuk from kitchen to makan table, is no big deal.

Fyi, we normally eat at her pink 'schmall' table during weekends. Especialy breakfast. This is when everybody get to enjoy food without rushing to some other places.

That's her huggin all the barang that she carried. Mangkuk tu semua dia susun for everybody.

En. Abah normally gets to sit on stool kecik cos he's the minority. Ladies are ruling in this house, so ladies get to sit atas kerusi ada sandar belakang. Oh, and her service also comes with free sprinkle of pepper into each mangkuk before pouring soup. Siap in the middle of makan, she checked out whether anyone nak tambah pepper lagi ke tak.

Tak sejuk perut aku mengandung tu?? Harap-harap berkekalan la rajin gitu...

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