Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nazimah is getting hitched!!

....Almost. She's getting engaged tomorrow at her house in Ampang.

For those who didn't know, Nazimah is my best girlfriend. We knew each other from U.S. days. So, when she called me about the news, I quickly told that I have to make her cupcakes regardless. She agreed and told me what she wanted i.e. colors etc.

After few rounds of emails back and forth, we finally agreed on maroon and gold themed, designed with english rose theme in mind. We added a hint of white here and there, just ot neutralise the 2 rich colors.

She ordered 16 cupcakes for hantaran and another 25 to give out to the closest family members. They are of vanilla and chocolate flavors. The following is close-up of deco on chocolate cupcakes.

Ms. Kecik was playing with the camera and change setting. Result? This! Not bad eh. It makes the maroon pops out.

The maroon based cuppies was supposed to be more detailed but we decided to simplify as the other design already has enough flowers on it. Nanti overcrowded pulak. Oh, and the maroon based cuppies are in vanilla flavor.

This is the 16 pcs 'premium' set. Normally packed for hantaran/gifts.

While this is set of 25 pcs for makan-makan family. Noticed that they are 'slightly' different. The white based cupcakes in the below has 2 different leaves. Atas ada satu jek.

Nicely packed and tied with a pink ribbon. Ready for delivery.

Apa pun,


Nanti wedding MESTI jemput k!

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