Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interested to Order?

To place order, please call/sms at 012-3453385 or email at Allowing at least two weeks prior to your event/desired date is optimal, more time is even better, especially for particularly large events such as weddings. Please check for availability here. Refer to Order Form for further order instructions. Just let us know your event/desired date and we will add your order to our baking calendar accordingly.


A deposit is required for orders to be confirmed. A 50% deposit is required for all orders. The balance is payable 1 day before date of collection.

Delivery charges
Self pick-up is highly preferred. Please refer here for pickup time and address. Delivery is available upon request/subject to availability with an extra charge of RM1 per km.


  1. How about puchong?because Im planning to give my friend surprise,so i hope you can help me do delivery if i order.

  2. Delivery is available with additional charges. However, am not taking any orders at the moment until mid-December.

    Any dates after should be ok. Let me know yeah.

  3. perhaps.... Kota kinabalu???? =p

  4. am only doing in-state order currently. kalau kk, maybe i can suggest/recommend u to others? let me know.

  5. When's the soonest you could take an order? :O Just a really simple set of 12 for dessert after dinner or during supper kinda thing.

  6. Toofie, ideally 1 week in advance. So I can prepare ingredients a little bit. But now macam cukup brg jek kat kitchen so maybe can just shoot the email on order details. But not this week yeah...