Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Fondant Cakes

These little cuties were ordered by Hubby's colleague who's getting married today. Which we will be attending later today.

Planning was such a bliss. The pengantin already knew what she wanted upfront. So, she provided us with magazine cut-outs with detailed explanation of what goes where and how.

There were basically 2 different designs; 1 with a bouquet of flowers on top and another ada sekuntum jek. This is the close-up of the 1st design.

The theme color was obviously baby pink. Which is SANGAT-lah sweet-nya. My colleagues went 'ooh and aah' upon looking at the pictures. Yes, they normally get 1st look of everything.

The 1st design from TOP view.

The 2nd design with only 1 pink rose to top. The pink ribbon add touches to the whole mini cake, as well as menutup cacat cela at the bottom of the cake. Heh.

Them together....

Pengantin initially ordered a dozen. But after some discussion agreed to cut down to 9. So, here another look of the whole set together.

Interested? Sila lah order. These little cuties will be sold in a multiple of 3 i.e. set of 3/6/9/+ mini cakes.



  1. the roses look so nice! i baru nak blajar2 buat bunga2 tue.. =D

  2. serious cun dh level choffles! bila tah nk belajar fondant.. huhu

  3. toce toce. *tunduk bow bangga*