Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Red&White Hantaran Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered by a colleague, for her relative. Who is getting married in a red&white themed wedding.

She wanted something different from the usual buttercream cupcakes. So I suggested for this fondant cupcakes design inspired by the Cupcakeland.net yang baru bukak kedai di Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam. Congrats ye! Nanti kita singgah bebila.

We are using our newly acquired tool here, to emboss the bride&groom's name. Cantik kan?

The flowers are tedious as they were very2x small. The recipe surely called for PATIENCE, PATIENCE AND PATIENCE LAGI.

The other design was a butterfly to complement the flower. We also dust the green fondant with golden edible dust to give some elegance to the cupcakes. Base was embroidery so the cupcakes didn't look so pale with only A BUTTERFLY on top.

An overall look of the set. Unfortunately, we are running out of 12 pcs boxes. So, had to make do with this 15 pcs box instead. Hence, the obvious rongak in the picture below.


  1. rongak tu leh isi red apples. hehe..
    kemasnya fondant u!

  2. aah ye la tu. ltk apple. dah jadi theme lain lak tu.

    yulie, fondant yg kemas ke....or camera yg cantik. hehe...berkat gi belajar.