Monday, March 22, 2010

Princess Tiered Fondant Cakes: Part II

Many may not know this. But, Izzy B IS a collaboration of both me and hubs. While I bake, he managed the IT part of the biz i.e. updating the blog, formatting the pictures etc etc. Aku adalah agak lembab sedikit, in that sense. Hence, the need of this Part 2 of the Princess Tiered Fondant Cake. MY side of the story.

This particular job has started very early in the beginning of the year. I have always impressed on what mothers are willing to do for their children. Ida, this customer of mine is no exception. The birthday girl demanded for a 2-tier birthday cake. And that's exactly what she got.

I was very much excited to do the cake as this is my first time of making a tiered cake. Fondant lagi tu, mampus aku nak kerjakan semua siap dengan crown lagi. I learnt quite a lot from the Mickey cake that I made not long before. So, I kinda know that I NEED to learn more tricks and tips from the Sifu.

Since I do this biz part time, I need to plan my time well to prevent kalut-ness on the final day nanti. Which was almost the case selama ni. I spent one weekend sourcing for tools and products that can assist me with the making of this cake. Serba macam mak nenek I bought. Which am very glad, in fact.

I started by making the gumpaste deco i.e. crown, circle cut-outs, heart-shaped cut-outs, lettering and the giant ribbon. Lettering tools tu I bought so long ago, tak tahu tahun bila. Ni baru nak guna.

A day before the delivery day, I bake the cakes; bottom is chocolate cake and top is chocolate chip cake. On delivery date, I start assembling all the pieces together. Covered the 2 cakes with white fondant, glued the cut-outs, made pearl borders and attached the crown. Good thing, the delivery day was Saturday. So, I had some lee-way boleh la touch-up sana sini, spent time taking pictures etc etc. So, how it looks like:

Initially. Till it's time to deliver, I realized that the cake was supposed to have black outlines here and there. Macam orang gila, I made the royal icing which should be the fastest way instead of kena uli fondant kan. By the time nak did the lining, told myself that I should calm down and concentrate.....NOT. Hence, the final product. Teruk gila outlines suma senget benget cos aku mengigil nak rushing konon.
I should have stopped without the lining. Or should I.

Despite, Ida text-ed me telling how happy her daughter was with the birthday cake. Other guests were impressed too.

Thanks for ordering!

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