Sunday, March 21, 2010

Incredible Birthday Cake Ideas

So I was on Craft Gossip and saw their post on these 30 Amazing Birthday Cakes Ideas at Tell u, they are all TRULY AMAZING. Most of the cakes are for kid's birthday but with some modifications, can be made for adults too.

The cakes are all very pretty, easy to make, or at least I think so judging from the picture, with a step-by-step recipe. Best of all, each cake has photo labelling all the fun parts which is not made by fondant btw, made from real edible stuff like gumballs, runts or even mint!!
And last year was no exception. They came up with these 31 Unique Birthday Cakes Ideas.

Truly inspiring. With Ms. Kecik's birthday coming up in August. Got to plan early to avoid unnecessary kalut-ness in later days. These are a few that caught our eyes:
From 2009
1. The Pincess Castle

2. The Princess

3. The Handbag Purse

From 2010
1. The Teddy Bear

2. The Fish Tank
3. The Hot Air Balloon

Not bad eh?

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