Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KLCC Charity Bazaar 2011

Am glad it's all over. Terbayar penat lelah tengok hasil jualan seharian. The event was supposed to start as early as 8am. But we were only there around 9:30am. Siap unload and set everything up by 10am. And made my first sale at 10:30am. Alhamdulillah.

When the crowd started to came in, I was still busy putting up labels. That was me with the Ikea magic color and picture frames. Bila customer nak beli, baru-lah kelam kabut cari small change and a bekas to put the money in.

The crowd was slow in the morning. Especially because it was office hours when we first set up the booth. So, sempat jugak lah tuan tanah bergambar kenangan dengan my first booth. 

Lunchtime was peak. It gets really busy at 12-3pm. Shared my booth with 4 others - MommyLyna, Adrini's, Watie and Nik. Had great time knowing them and their staff too. MommyLyna came during lunchtime, selling Shaklee products. Adrini's were busy juggling her nursing kurung booth in KLCC and Midvalley at the same time. Watie's educational toys were hit that day. And Nik, walaupun tak berjumpa mata, sempat hantar 2 orang staff to mend her booth full with kuih raya.

The sale was so great that by 2nd half of the day, I hardly have anything to sell. Samples pun dah habis dimakan orang. Namecard too, that I have to give out my party stuff's namecard instead.

Red velvet cupcakes were selling like hot cakes!! Should have done more since they are hit these days. Ramai betul orang booking and decided to walk around dulu and came back, only to find their red velvets are all gone. Strawberry cupcakes came second. And I also brought oreo cupcakes yang sungguh yummy. I arranged them all pretty in a 3 tier cupcakes tray. Sampaikan, many can't believe that they are edible sebab strawberry cupcakes looked so creamy.

Brownies were selling fast too. First sale was made at 10:30am. Lepas-lepas tu laju jek jalan. And not to forget the famous cranberry oat and chocolate chip cookies!! Sampaikan hari ni pun, ada yang masih email/call asking about the cookies. Insyallah, we'll be making 1 trip to Petronas again, sometime in 3rd/4th week to deliver the cookies ordered. Thank you guys for the great support!

All in all, the bazaar was great. Glad that I decided to join in, although a bit last minute. Thanks to MommyLyna who alerted me about the bazaar. Ada rezeki, Insyallah kami join lagi tahun-tahun depan yek.

To those who want to order the CHOC CHIP and CRANBERRY OAT cookies, please email us at izzybakery@gmail.com or call us at 012-345-3385, fast! We will be closing orders by the end of the week.


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