Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black & White Hantaran Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered by Jaja for his brother's engagement do. Which I forgot to ask when.

They were actually for hantaran. So Jaja opted for the premium package. Whereby cupcakes are nicely wrapped in silver box and tied with a black and white ribbon to match the engagement theme.

This was our very first cupcakes order lepas bercuti lama from pregnancy/confinement dulu tu. So, boleh tahan bengkok juga la my hand masa mendeco tu.

Jaja gave me 3 designs for inspirations. Which I have mix and matched them to create a better look/combination. And since the theme color is already dark, we decorated the cupcakes with very simple patterns to avoid them looking serabut/heavy. Inside were vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream topping with silver dragees skit2x.

View from the top

A closer look of the cupcakes

And as usual, bila dah bake for customers, I would normally bake extra for the family as well. Zara was so happy when she saw a tray of cupcakes on the table. Siap comment, "Mommy, your cupcakes taste good!!". Tak lama lepas tu I asked here, "Which one is your favorite?". She replied, "I like chocolates and vanilla". What an acknowledgement, I must say. Orang kata, kids don't lie kan?

Hope Jaja and the bakal pengantin love them as much as Zara does too!!!


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