Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupcakes for the Biker at Heart

Lama aku tak update. Hari ni, semangat datang tetiba. Orders pun dah bertimbun. Think I should make it a habit from now on that Isnin adalah hari mengupdate Izzy Bakery. Baru lah efficient skit. Kot.

Anyway, these are our latest cupcakes creation. Latest as in baru jek deliver pagi tadi. Heh, semangat mak nak update ni, dek non. They were ordered by a uni-mate of ours, ND for her friend's 26th birthday.

Since our first creation dulu tu, nampak-nya macam ramai juga yang minat dengan design ni. Lately ni macam banyak jek cupcakes yang kami buat ala gini. Maybe cos it combines all the favorite things of the order recipient in a box kot. What a perfect gift, eh? Jimat pun jimat. Compared to if you were to buy the 'real' motorcycle kan. Macam cupcakes kami ni.

Motorcycle & Skateboard.
And these were the cupcakes before deco. Gebu kan? They are chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with choc chips, yang sangat yummy. I know cos I tasted them myself!
And there's also all these too. They are topped with vanilla buttercream recipe courtesy of my new Zoe Clark book, plus gumpaste figurine of all his favorite things.
Laptop & Red helmet
Shades Testimonial from ND: "Zam! Thanks so much for the cupcakes. Semua org ckp sedap."

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