Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Dinner

If u have been following our personal blog, you would know by now that we have gotten ourselves a live-in helper at home. She has been very helpful ever since, that I managed to fix dinner for the family for almost every night. Tercapai satu new year resolutions aku. That is, to cook more for the family. Instead of spending money outside on crappy food.

In fact, I think I kinda have a 'system' now. For dinner that is. Like, upon reaching home, I will go into kitchen to tell my maid to cook rice. At the same time, asking her what kind of 'meat' that she defrosted that day. This way, I passed 1 stress to her. That is, to think whether to cook chicken/beef/fish etc. Heh.

Once I find out what's the meat, I will go online searching for recipes. My favorite site has to be this one:

Once I find the recipe, I will then asked my maid to take out and wash whatever is necessary. Once that is done, I will continue on cutting and cooking our meal for that night. Once all done and cooked, I will let the maid to serve the food while we went for prayer. Lepas solat, baru makan. This way, sempat la sejuk sikit food tu. Tak la melecur lidah makan.

On and off, I will tell the maid to clean up the fridge. Basically, to wipe the whole fridge and throw away food yang dah basi etc. Since she can write, I also told her to come up with a grocery list after she went through the things in our cupboards/pantry/fridge. Then, we pick a day to go to the wet market. Which will normally be over the weekend. Buy whatever is needed and head home. The trip normally take less than an hour. Unlike before, when we have no list, no maid and totally no idea what to cook either. This way, we not only save time but also money. Takde la beli benda merapu raban kan.

Once back, I will let the maid to clean the meat and keep them away in a meal's proportion. Senang later, when we want to defrost and cook them for future dinners.

So far, the system is working well for us. Like I said, I have been cooking almost every night. Zara enjoys her food more now. I guess she too, get tired of outside food. En. Suami apa lagi. He's been my biggest fan, I'd say. Or, I may be delusioning??

So, want to know what we had in all those nights??


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