Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Corporate Proposal

We had a shock of our life recently. When we received a call from somebody 'unknown'. Asking if we would like to send our cupcakes to a major airline company for consideration.

Sakit jiwa tak?? Kami pun, boleh tahan menggelupur lah jugak. Cos we've never been approached for such a huge order. Once, we were asked if we are interested to supply our mini cheese tarts to a bakery in Pavilion. But the stupid me, ignored the request. As I was busy with my full time commitment at the time. Bongok kan??

Anyway, back to THE call. Call was received on Wednesday/Thursday. By Saturday, orang tu dah nak amik for presentation to the airline. Mana la tak menggelupurkan. Dengan takde idea-nya. Dengan takde barang-nya. Dengan terkejut-nya. There were A LOT of things going on our minds at the time. Thanks to kawan-kawan, who were involved with the whole brainstorming process masa tu. You know who you are.

The requirement was quite simple. They wanted something simple, unique and yummy. A quick chat with a colleague, katanya Emirates Airline pun ada serve cupcakes. But it was just a plain cupcake, no deco/topping whatsoever. In fact, it was actually a cross-over between cupcakes and muffin. Hence, the idea to come up with plain vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

From there, we varied the cupcakes a little by mixing in chocolate chips inside the batter and also on the top. Looking yummy?

Satu-satu kami decorate carefully. Trying to keep the theme as simple as possible. While keeping in mind, they are for a major airline. So, we kept the colors limited to blue, red and yellow only. Most revolves around the 'sky blue' theme. Katanya for an airline kan.

But of course, tak lengkap lah set ni kalau takde special option for chocolate lovers. So, we made the following to accompany the other fancy ones.

And not forgetting those who may prefer simple vanilla cupcakes, as well. These are specially made for them.

Simple simple jek semua. To fit in everybody's taste. Which is quite hard actually. If you really think about how many people actually board a plane in a given day.

The final products

We didn't make the cut, I guess. As we didn't receive a return call after that day. But we had fun preparing and learning from various people on how to handle this kind of request. If there may be one, in the future. Insyallah.

Till then. Enjoy more pictures here. Alang-alang dah kat sana tu, don't forget to 'LIKE' our page, yeah.



  1. nice babe esp yg kaler biru tu.. since we're not full time baker kalau dpt chance camni pun dh bestt gilee!!
    kalau tgk magnolia bakery pun simple NM tapi femes amos kan..

    tumpang bangga :) .. chayokk!

  2. betul2. d fact dat ppl consider us tu pn dah happy. hahaha...lame jek. tp tu la...dlm reramai tu, dey pick us. such an honor la jugak kan.

    btw, biru mn yg best tu?