Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Towel Cakes

Thank you to Azza who hosted this Gaya Si Comel Berbaju Raya contest. I have been longing to do this 'cake' but asyik tertangguh jek. So, when I find out about the contest from Azza, I quickly asked her whether we can participate as a sponsor. To which she replied, "Yes!!".

And since am also an Avon dealer, I thought why not I use Avon stuff in my 'cakes' as well. I mean, what's not to love, right? After all, we are a user anyway. And since this kind of contest is normally participated by the mommies, I straight away knew that I should use mommies-friendly colors like pastels. Be it green, pink or purple. They just had to be pastels.

Hence, the final products you see here:

Strawberry Towel Cake topped and decorated with Avon baby toiletries

Keladi Towel Cake topped and decorated with Avon Rose Facial Cleanser+Lotion

Here's another look of the two cakes together. The prizes Azza dah distributed to the wi.nn.ers with highest referrals, lama dulu. After all, the results was announced sometime end November pun. Cuma aku jek lambat update entry ni. Hope they all love 'em cakes as much as I do.

View from the Top

Like what you see here? Email us at izzybakery@gmail.com. Price varies depending on the amount of products/stuff that you want to be 'mixed' in the cake.

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