Monday, January 10, 2011

Soccer, Camera & Ipad Cupcakes for Erman's Birthday

This was a special request made by Maz for her husband who loves everything soccer, photography/camera and Ipad related stuff. These cuppies were specially delivered to their house as a surprise to celebrate his birthday sometime mid-December 2010.

As obvious from the theme of the cupcakes, Maz's husband is a photographer himself. In fact, he is the go-to person for any photography related questions that I have. Like what I wrote here.

This was actually my second time doing assorted theme cupcakes like this one. The first time can be viewed here. In fact, we will have another upcoming order of this sort. And I have to say that they are very fun to make. Despite the time consumed.

I made soccer shoes and ball on one cupcakes and jersey on another. For the photography, I did a DSLR camera and a camera stand. While the rest were Ipad main icons, apart from the birthday banner itself. Maz also requested for the cupcakes to be decorated with hearts and love everywhere. Hence, the special red heart candles.

Here's another look at the cuppies, nicely packed and ready for delivery. My learning point for this order?? Think I forgot to ask whether her husband is really is a Man-U fan. Excuse me ignorance.

**Mental note**


  1. Wonderful cup cakes!

    I really like the designs of each cup cakes.

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  2. Hehe, thanks for the compliment. I really put effort in this one esp the DSLR!