Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Pink Fondant Hantaran Cake

This sweet pink round shaped themed cake was ordered by Azza and her sister, who are regulars here at Izzy B. It was for a hantaran made for another sister, if am not mistaken.

They had requested for me to replicate a design that they saw in one of the many books in my collection with some twist. I did minor changes to the cake and use different type of flower altogether. Bottom is finished with a fabric pink ribbon. The cake surrounded with white dots/pearls.

Whole view
Side view: Using the same flowers on top, placed on the sides.
The top view: Flowers on the top have 3 white dots in the middle.
Overall, we were very honored to the cake. As always. Very happy with how it turned out. It was so sweet. Sangat lah sesuai for a hantaran.

Thank you to Azza and sister for ordering. Sorry for the late posting. This is one of those few cakes that we made during puasa jugak rasanya. Ke slightly before that. Dah lama sangat, the details pun dah lupa. Heh.

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