Friday, November 12, 2010

Gourmet Sandwich

Pernah tak rasa macam sometimes, u just get tired of nasi and wanted something light and different for dinner?

Aku and hubby kekadang macam tu lah. Especially kalau dah lapar sangat and wanted a quick fix. But dinner out macam malas pulak nak bersiap berjalan. So, we opted for this:

A Gourmet Sandwich
Side-ways dah nampak ke-delicious-an dia kan. Roti are Gardenia wholegrain bread. Inside are layers of salad/lettuce leaf, then slices of tomatoes and your choices of meat. Gambar atas ni showing smoked salmon as meat, which I bought at Cold Storage kot.

Then on top of the salmon, I also put slices of bombay onion. I like 'em crunchy so I use them raw. Lepas tu cheese slices for a little bit of saltiness. As finishing touches, squeeze some lemon juice, chili sauce, barbeque sauce, mayo and lastly, of course the black pepper.

A clearer view of the ingredients
As you can see in the picture above, the meat can be anything up to your imagination. But my favorites have to be either the smoked salmon or meatloaf slices. Only meatloaf slices need to be cooked before hand. Which Ms. Kecik loves to ratah. Smoked salmon is 'smoked' as the name suggests. But if you don't like 'em so raw/bare, squeeze some lemon juice before putting it on a sandwich.

Sure best! Sila cuba di rumah memasing yek.

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