Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mini Cheese Tarts

If you have been following us long enough, you'd know that this was actually our Raya promotion. We decided to do something different this year, than the normal biskut Raya. With that thinking, this should give us less stress than making biskut Raya. Duh??!! It was totally the other way round. Cheese tarts are so fragile and can't be kept for long. But biskut Raya, berbulan pun takpa.

This is an image of almost all the orders together. Some dah dipick up earlier. Some were ordered for buka puasa. While some, still in the baking process.

Alhamdulillah rezeki murah juga bulan puasa hari tu. Thanks to all who ordered masa tu. Our most favorite flavor masa tu was original flavor. Followed by blueberry and oreo cheesetarts.

Jenuh jugak la kami nak siapkan all orders. Sampaikan pagi before nak pergi office, masih lagi berbaking. But all went well, insyallah ada rezeki, boleh buat promo lagi yek!

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