Saturday, December 11, 2010

Izzy Bakery on Facebook

Exam is over. Am back in business. So, the first thing I did was to make sure Izzy Bakery's page is up on FB.

I've created it for sometime already. But could never get around to really update and upload any pictures of our previous creations. Guess today is FINALLY the day, we actually get around it.

This way, I can track how many cakes/cupcakes/brownies/cookies etc that we have baked so far. Ada sense of achievement di situ.

And today, I just realized that we have 25 followers to date. Not a BIG number. But seriously, when I put up the apps there, it did not even occur to me that there will be followers pun. Heh. So, this FB page should also allow us to interact with our existing and future customers on a more personal basis. Who knows, we could actually exchange comments/ideas or be friends in real life? Haha. Ambitious tu.

Apa pun, I hope you guys would "LIKE" us and enjoy THE gallery of OUR sweet creations!

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