Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"30" Birthday Cake

This was a cake ordered by Azza and sister for another sister who is celebrating her 30th birthday during the previous fasting month. I know, I know, I announced her that we won't be taking any cake orders during puasa month. But this was one of those few orders that we already promised to do much much earlier on.

Azza and sister are my regulars. They have been ordering from us for countless times! So, they are quite comfortable around the house. For this particular oder, they personally came to our house to go through the many baking books that I have to choose the cake design that they like. And finally ended up with this one.

A rather simple design, I'd say. But it represented what it should be. Which is, the 30TH BIRTHDAY!!
It was a chocolate cake inside. Topped with white buttercream. Decorated with gold dots and the number 30 around the cake. And finally touched with a blue ribbon. Simple kan?
And we also gave out 3 gold candles to go with the cake. Hopefully the birthday girls loved them all...

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