Sunday, October 31, 2010

3-tier Wedding Cake Class with Azie

Saturday was filled with a baking class at no other than my sifu's place. Hubby was kind enough to drive me all the way to Sg. Buloh. So here's a snapshot of Ms. Kecik posing di tempat kejadian.

She has now shifted to a baking studio, which is much more spacious and convenient. This time, the class was not taught by her directly. Instead, she imported another sifu, all the way from Johor.

The class started with us learning how to cover the sponge cake with buttercream and ensure smooth surface. Siap ajar how to clean off the unwanted crumbs and divide the cake into 3 layers; where each layer were filled with buttercream "kotor". She also gave us recipes for easy sponge cake and buttercream that were being used for the class.

Then, Azie showed us how to decorate the cake. Demonstrating few different possible techniques and patterns using the same buttercream. Lepas dah tengok macam-macam patterns and tools, we had a short break for lunch and solat Zohor.

Lepas makan Laksa Johor yang sangat yummy, we continued with decorating all the 3 cakes using colors like white, purple, green etc. Then, came the highlight of the class which is my biggest fear (no more!) in cake decorating. Iaitu making a rose from buttercream. After few practice, think I have come up with decent roses, finally.

Lastly, once we all done with decorating, Azie taught us on how to stack the cakes. I decided to put them all on tiers instead of stacking, like most others did.

Class finishes with us camwhoring with our own cakes, classmates and cikgu.

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