Thursday, November 4, 2010

Umar's 3rd Birthday Cake

Sorry people. I realized that I have been way behind in updating the blog lately. First, it was fasting month. Then, comes Raya. Later the open houses. Then, comes the pregnancy. And the latest, is our very own PARTY BIZ!!

Anyhow, I managed to steal sometime lately. Will try to update them all slowly. While catching with the latest development here, in Izzy Bakery's Kitchen.

So, it was my colleague's son birthday. He was born a month after Ms. Kecik, which was 3rd September. And if you are a mother like me, you would probably watched too much PHDC by now alreayd, to know that kids nowadays, no longer layan Thomas the Train. Chuggington is the new craze.

Here are some pictures from his party. Where only close family members were invited. And us sibuk.

You should look at his reaction when he first saw the cake. He was so happy that he squels, "Ooh, Chuggington! My favorite!"
The Birthday Song. Excuse the high pitched voice behind. That was of course, no other than my beloved daughter.

Mommy and Kakak helping Umar for the cake cutting. As you can see in the previous video, kakak yang blow the candle. Instead of the birthday boy himself.
A closer look of the cake
It was actually a 6 inch round chocolate cake. Covered with chocolate ganache. Topped with chuggington edible image. The sides of the cake were also decorated with chuggington edible images, which the kids had fun eating them. Though sebenarnya, macam takde rasa jek. The banner carries the Chuggington blue and yellow logo with "Happy Birthday Umar!!" greetings.

Hope the cake was all worth it. Thank you Eda for ordering with us....

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