Saturday, October 16, 2010

1st Birthday Cake for Iris

Made this for Iris, who just turned one recently. She is the daughter of En. Suami's x-colleague, who is not a stranger to our Izzy B. products. But the power of technology got me to liaise directly with the mother, instead. Biasa lah, benda macam ni is a mom's forte kan. So each time ada birthday party order, aku pun excited sama.

Zarina, the mother requested for chocolate and vanilla flavored cake. Outside was decorated with princess themed edible image in pink/blue and yellow color theme. The whole look was then being touched up with fondant butterflies and royal icing decorations like flowers and ladybirds.
Making a birthday cake especially the FIRST one is always fun. We were honored to be given that opportunity. Thank you Zarina & hubby for ordering. Hope ada lagi orders in future yeah.

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