Saturday, August 21, 2010

Upin & Ipin Birthday Cake

This cake was order by Sitie for her daughter's 1st birthday. Tapi kakak-nya tumpang sekali. Hence, the 2 names on the cake.

Inside was moist chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache and topped with ganache jugak. Imagine betapa chocolaty-nya cake ni?? We had a bite and I tell u!! Sedap hingga menjilat jari!! But then am may be biased, cos am a chocolate fan.

And we went all out for the deco as well, as you can see. Siap mini bunting segala. Just to give an added touch to the cake. Lain dari yg lain, different from the normal icing/fondant cuts writing. The cake was surrounded with 'love letters' sticks everywhere. As we were told that the guests were mostly kids. Gotta do something that they love, aye? Then, nak penuhkan space kiri kanan, we throw in butterflies and tiny flowers for 'seri'.

Sitie came all the way from Sg Besi, to pick up the cake. Hope the cake worth the trip yeah, Sitie. Tq very much for ordering. Tahun depan, depan dan depan lagi, boleh order lagi....



  1. cake tu mmg sedap.. mmg worth the trip lah ;)

    si kakak tu (addyna) asyik nk makan gamba je tau.. fenin2..

    nanti ader majlis lg, for sure sitie orde lg..


  2. Happy-nya bila tgk comment sitie. Adat biz mknan, plg nervous bla tunggu feedback customer. Tukg bake boleh amik bau jek...rasa sbnr cake cum a yg mkn jek tau...

    Tq sitie for order. Lenkali order lg yek.