Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carrot Walnut Cake

This Carrot Walnut cake was ordered by the oh-so famous MommyLyna for her kids' teachers. It was an appreciation gift, complete with ucapan terima kasih on the cake.

Topped with cream cheese frosting, the cake is so moist and surprise, surprise, it didn't taste bad at all!! Think lepas ni ok kot nak bake the same for Ms. Kecik's birthday. The cream cheese frosting toned down the sweetness in the icings. Making it less sugary and more carrot-y.

MommyLyna requested for a simple deco. So, we decided to decorate the whole cake with walnuts instead. To give the cake, a bit of crunchy taste. Yum, yum.

Since her kids go to the same school as Ms. Kecik, we dropped the cake straight at school. So, MommyLyna pun tak sempat nak tengok rupa cake ni.

So, here it is...hope you are happy yeah. I know the teachers did! Semua dah tanya2x for future order.


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