Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 Birthday Cake

We had an order from a very old friend, from secondary school named Syeeda. The cake was for her son's 1st birthday. Like any mother, haruslah celebrate besar-besaran kan.

Initially, Syeeda could not decide on the theme. She was contemplating between Toy Story and Thomas Train. So, we told her to look around and see whether her son is more towards one side than the other, by looking at his toys/clothes. Which ultimately, is the parents' choice la kan. So, she decided on Thomas Train.

Not till later, she changed her mind to Toy Story. Haha, been there done that yeah. Buat party harus lah coordinate everything together kan. Turned out, she only managed to secure Toy Story party packs. While Thomas Train was no where to be found. So, Toy Story it is!

Inside is choc moist cake, filled and topped with choc ganache. Atas siap ada edible image lagi and finally, touched by bits of white chocolate around the cake. This order was made on the same day as the Upin&Ipin cake, hence the mini bunting AGAIN!! We are SO IN LOVE with this bunting idea!! Sides were decorated with more edible image of Toy Story 3's logo and chocolate sticks.


Testimonial: Tq ye. Cake sgt cntik n budak2 semua suka n licin - Syeeda.

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