Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strawberry and Oreo Cupcakes

Thanks to Fida who inspired these cupcakes the first time. Her story

This time, they were ordered by hubby's colleague for a department makan-makan do. Perfect!

It was quite a last minute order tapi disebabkan senang-nya nak buat ni, we accepted anyway. She ordered 25 strawberry and another 25 oreo cupcakes. We changed the design a little bit as we were short of time. Personally, I like these version better though. Simple and Delicious!

Nicely packed and ready for delivery. Great lesson learned, when blending the biscuits to mix in buttercream topping, we should first separate the 'white' cream that keep the biscuits together. Baru lah less sweet skit.

The Korean strawberry works the best for this. Unfortunately, malam tu we couldn't find one. So, driscoll's it is. Only, there are the smallest version. Hubby was saying kat Cold Storage, the price for per pack is almost RM30. While at Jusco, less than RM20.

The strawberry cupcakes. The buttercream topping has been modified as per previous orders yang sangat2 manis itu. This one tastes just perfect except it was too runny for my liking so takut2x they can't hold shapes/design.

I tasted myself the strawberry one. And I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend 'em! But kena CSI lagi la recipe ni so tak runny sangat.


  1. aku tgk dh tau sedap yg strawberry tu. thinking nk buat mango buttercream. hehe..
    em, ko buh shortening tak? sometimes buh sikit leh bg shape dia kukuh.. tapi if byk2 jadi tak sedap..

  2. sedaaaapppp!!! aku peminat choc and choc sajek. tp aku gagahkan jugak abiskan stoberi ni. mmg sedap and kena dgn tekak aku. sbb stoberi dia tak overpower. cuma masa tu takde korean stoberi so jd cam tak sekata, ada stoberi besar, ada kecik. so cam x cute.

    Oh, lg satu kalo ko nak wat oreo buttercream ke kan, sila buang yg putih tgh tu cos aku rasa bc ni agak manis jugak.

    Btw, thx for d tips. Bukan aku xtau tp x terpk ms tu.

  3. zam,
    aku dh tanya org jusco. diorg mmg tak amik lagi kot korean stawberry sbb cepat busuk. dirg rugi byk. aku suka KS sbb manis + shape cun!
    la ni terpaksa bergantung harap kat driscoll. okla cuma gumuk2 sikit..
    kan best leh tanam belakang umah :p

  4. alaaa ye ke. terpaksa la kan. tp tu la aku ckp, driscol tak sekata la shape dia. nanti tgk cupcakes pun cam tak uniform.