Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Razin

We were making the Red&White cuppies when I received a call from my beloved cousin, Kak Ani. It was her youngest son, Razin's birthday and she wanted me to whip up something for the night. Coincidently, UmiTok had invited everybody for a 'meeting'.

As it was already 4pm, we decided that we do not have time to do anything fancy. So, brownies it is. Sedap pun sedap, and surely will be hit! Without fail.

Razin cutting the 'cake'. Ms. Kecik overlooking the whole event. Haruslah jadi pelakon utama kan.

Razin & Mommy @ birthday celebration.

UmiTok being a grandmother, offered for another round of candles blowing session for THE ONE AND ONLY GRAND DAUGHTER, Ms. Kecik. Luckily, a guest brought a cake to the 'meeting', so ada lah kek lain yg nak jadi mangsa. Takkan nak steal limelight tiup brownies jugak kan.

Ada brownies, harus lah ada ice cream kan. Which I have told my brother earlier, to get a tub. Some like it me, some prefer 'em with ice cream. THAT, MamaYa serving for everybody. Beside her, is Ms. Kecik THE ASSISTANT. Or, more like busy serving ice cream for ownself.

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