Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st Bake Sale!! ---- Choc Oreo & Strawberry Cupcakes

Thanks to Fida who ordered the cupcakes for her friend's birthday, Atie. We decided to challenge ourselves and try a new recipe of buttercream this time around. Sedap menjilat jari, I tell u!

As we are most satisfied with the taste, we decided to make a huge batch of the toppings. To be shared to all you people, out there. Hence, our VERY FIRST bake sale.

We announced it on the day the original cupcakes were delivered to Fida. I put on the announcement in here, on Facebook and eventually sent an email to my most regular customers. In the end, we only can provide for 2 slots. And that was it.

To Muni and Niza, hope u enjoy the cupcakes yeah!

To those who missed it, watch out for more in the future...

1 comment:

  1. fluffy & montoksss laa.. i like! skang i pun sgt obses strawberry + oreo.. huhu.. c'grates babe!