Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're BACK!!

Hey, I can't believe the last time I posted was March!! That was like.....AGES AGO?!! No wonder so many people have been asking. And I was like...leh baru jek 'semalam' tak update. Heh. How time flies...

Truthfully, I have been slacking off. Been concentrating mostly on office work. PKMC classes. Exam. Tido. Office work lagi. TV. Office work. Surfing. And office work lagi sampai la ni. Makan.

Ada 2 prior orders which I have yet to update. Sebabnya, tak jumpa camera sekejap. But now dah jumpa balik, no excuse. And after the exam in April, I had 3 orders which bila sampai waktu-nya were cancelled/postponed to later date. Then after that, I was busy preparing for some sponsorship sambil2x volunteering for that same event.

And now dah start masuk gear balik.

This weekend jek, I have 4 orders to do. All are pending execution jek cos ideas semua dah brain-stormed and finalised as of yesterday. So, semalam I went to buy new tools for this one project, which I started last night. Happy jek dapat try design baru...for me la. Org lain dah lama pandai kot.

Next weekend, I have 1 order lagi. And the weekend after that, I have 2 VERY IMPORTANT orders. Both are for wedding/engagement. Both are very intricate and detailed.

So, am calling for extra hands.

Good thing I have a brother who studied cookery dulu. Boleh jugak minta tolong sikit banyak. Only need to be trained. Tengok lah macam mana nanti...

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