Friday, May 21, 2010

Ms. Kecik in Action!

I have not been baking. For as long as am not updating the blog. Almost. Ada jek orders yang tak update lagi.

So u can imagine how happy Ms. Kecik was. When one fine night, I finally told her that we would be baking. After a trip to Jusco, after she went to toilet and tukar baju tido. Tell u, she did ALL that without much hassle. Siap ikat rambut segala. Which normally is a battle under normal circumstances.

It was the day after Teacher's Day. I thought of doing something nice. Just to celebrate. Last year, cikgu taught her origami and she made shark for me. Ke whale. So, this year ingat nak return the gesture. By making brownies. Heh.

The recipe called for flour+baking soda+apa.ntah.x.igt to be mixed outside of mixer first. So, I normally measure everything first and let her pour them into the white besen. Which later, she will kacau dengan hand beater.

'Posing' for ABAH.
Tell u, she's growing up real fast. Refused to be an assistant no more. Insisting on using the mixer, pecahkan telur herself. God knows how many times she insisted. Telling us dia BIG GIRL, that she wanted to do this and that. Pening kepala otak aku. Worrying about takut dia terslip from the stool, kitchen sepah etc etc.

In the end, all went very well. The morning after, she woke me up saying, "Jom kita tengok bownies, Mommy".

Petang tu when I fetched her from school, cikgu kata am efficient. They are planning to have a celebration sometimes next week. Kali ni nak cupcakes pulak. Looks like Ms. Kecik will have another round of baking...


  1. biarkan bersepah....budak tu nak belajar...boleh die belajar kemas plak lpas ni hehe~

  2. aah ye la tu. yg d tgl bersepah tu, jap lg dia yg pijak, tersadung, nangis, drama, and drama lagi.

    last2 mami jek yg kemas.

    apa citer lately?

  3. ahaha....cuti semester. lepak kat rmh je. bulan july ni further degree~

  4. sebelum start skolah balik, meh lepak sini dulu k.