Saturday, March 20, 2010


Huh, we finally did it!

Such a SIMPLE task. Tapi yg paling simple tu la yang normally being put aside and ignored. Until today. We finally decided that we just had to do it. ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And there you go. Now it's should be easier for you lovelies to navigate around our Kedai. In case you are too busy to navigate around the WHOLE Kedai, you can just click any of the labels of your choice, on the LEFT HAND SIDE tu.

Say for example, you want to order cupcakes but too busy too browse all pages here, you can just CLICK on the CUPCAKES label. And all the cupcakes related posts that we ever did before would appear.

Senang kan?

We suggest you give it a try. Tak order lagi pun takpe, go drrooooolllll......and let me know if you have other suggestions/comments as well.

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