Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manchester United theme cupcakes

MUNI requested for a Manchester United themed cupcakes for her husband's birthday.

Good thing, we finally got our hands on the footbal figurine set just a few days before. When we wanted to do this design for our previous order, they were out of stock. So, this time around when we found them, we instantly bought a few to keep for future orders as well.

She also requested for the word "Happy Birthday Papa" to be on the cupcakes. We also added a few design with red jerseys and numbers on them. Hubby helped to name a few famous players. Finally, we rolled a little white fondant and turned it into a small ball.

Not bad I would say. Here's another look of the completed order:

Thanks for ordering!


  1. Rm65. This is a premium package of 16 cupcakes wrapped in silver box. Check for more options at 'Pricing' tab on left.