Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Spectacular Cupcakes Designs to Start Year 2010!

We are thrilled and happy with our latest creation to start the year 2010. We had completed 3 designs of cupcakes set and they are pleased to look at again and again. It smells nice and taste great too (...we know because we've tried it many times). So here goes the first design;

Anniversary Cupcakes with a lasting wishes on cute toppers. They are such a hit nowadays.

Second design, the Wedding Gift Cupcakes, another design with toppers.

and the third design, Baby Shower's Party Cupcakes...

All cupcakes shown here are premium package of 16 chocolate cakes with buttercream. Check our latest pricing HERE!


  1. zam! me likey! love the orange colors! ;) great job as always!

  2. orange?? yg mana satu? isk iskkk...the roses ke? alaa...they were supposed to be red but not so red. skrg dah jadi orange lak.