Thursday, December 31, 2009

Red & White Polka Dot for a Wedding Anniversary

Alhamdulillah, bulan 12 ni rancak pulak dok berbaking-making. Practice makes perfect, aye? Lg byk order masuk, lagi banyak opportunities for me to experiment, which eventually will lead to better cupcakes deco everytime.

2-3 days back ni, I received few orders. One being for a gift to a friend. Client is going to her friend's all-in-one party - housewarming, farewell, anniversary etc etc. But the cupcakes specifically is to be made to suit the wedding anniversary. That, and the cupcakes had to be chocolate.

Godek sana sini, we are hooked with this red and white polka dots.


Since it's a gift, we figured it'd be best if we selang seli the cupcakes with toppers siap dengan greetings to celebrate the anniversary celebration. So, toppers it is.

Pastu do simple swirls on top of the cupcakes and sprinkle them with LOOOOOOVVVEEE!!!

Oh, and think we might be double up this batches for a wedding gift to a dear friend on the same delivery date. Maybe just change the theme color je kot, depending on the ribbons that we can find nanti.

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