Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 11/1 ~ 15/1

Inspired by one of my frequent reads. This is me in the process of becoming a super mommy/wife. Cooking and baking have been my passion. Those who knows know. This is another part of me, trying to be organized. Which is quite a hard thing to do.

We had an almost empty fridge by Saturday. So, I told hubby that we need to sit down and listed down the things that we should buy, the things that we really are going to use, for cooking meals. So, to help us decide, we have agreed to pick a theme for each of the day that we are planning.

Monday = Malay cooking
Tuesday = Thai cooking
Wednesday = Western
Thursday = Teppayanki
Friday = Kid's Cooking

Dah narrow down macam ni, senang sikit nak decide what we should cook for the whole week. Although we did not 100% follow the plan. Saturday and Sunday are freestyle. Untung2, maybe hubby masak. Who knows, right? So, this is what we have decided:

Monday = Leftover Laksa Penang
Tuesday = Nasi Putih * Kurma Ayam * Sayur Campur
Wednesday = Steamed Siakap * Fried Mushroom
Thursday = Sirloin Steak * Mashed potato * Steamed Brocolli and corn
Friday = Assorted for Steambot/Grill

There you go. Now, wait for the recipe yeah!

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