Monday, October 3, 2011

Pink & Blue Cupcakes for Auntie Emma

Ordered by Auntie Emma for her kid's birthday at school. The cupcakes are supposed to be given away as gifts to the kids rasa-nya. She initially wanted something of butterfly theme. But after seeing these, she changed her mind. Thanks to Dya for promoting!!

Since the cupcakes were to be given away as gifts, Auntie Emma has also requested for the cupcakes to be packed individually. Senang nak bahagi-bahagi, and nak bawak balik. 

The cupcakes are all in chocolate flavor. There are 50 of them altogether. Auntie Emma requested for the same design i.e. with 3 small roses, 25 pieces with pink background and another 25 with blue background. Sweet jek nampak. This design is actually suitable for wedding gifts too.

Lepas pack-pack, the 50 cupcakes are now ready to be delivered in 3 boxes. Thanks to my brother who has helped me to do the special delivery that night. Thanks to Auntie Emma for the order. And last but not least, thanks to my dearest Dya for the promo of my kedai!!

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