Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cartoon Artwork Class with Yatt

I attended this class a long time ago. About 2 months before delivering Ziya. Kira masa pergi class tu perut dah memboyot lah. That explains the simplicity of the cartoon design that I chose that day. Simple habis. Ada Pooh seketul jek. Kira senang nak lukis, cepat siap so takyah berdiri lelama. Honeypot tu pun aku tambah freehand sendiri. Cos dah terlampau kosong sangat.

If you have been following this blog long enough, you'll noticed my sifu there in blue. The class was conducted at her place in Sungai Buloh. But we were actually taught by Yatt; the one wearing white tudung in this picture below.

That was my Pooh with its honeypot dah siap trace on wax paper using melted chocolate. Habis gigil. Clearly, I need practice.

And that was Yatt trying to demo on how to transfer our cartoon artwork on the cake.

My Pooh was safely transfered on the cake yang dah siap dilepa dengan buttercream at the beginning of the class. Together with the honeypot.

After transferring the image, we painted the cartoon with piping jelly. Which is made from sugar. Love the orange gila. Sebijik macam Pooh kan? But my cake obviously need more. It looks so empty.

So I came up with this walk-in-the-park theme for the background. Tambah butterfly atas hidung Pooh lagi. Now dah nampak penuh sikit kan. See the 2 tones sun?? Aku buat sendiri tu...

All in all, I had fun attending the class. Learning a new set of skills in baking. So, senang lah nanti kalau ada customer order kan. Takde la panic tak tentu pasal.

This design is particularly suitable for those who does not want to use fondant figurine on their cake. Sebab fondant figurine bila dah keras, takde pulak yang nak makan kan. So, your money go wasted di situ. And if you are the type who does not like excessive buttercream on your cake, this would be a perfect choice for you too.

So, tunggu apa lagi? Email me at for order yeah!

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