Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Princess Tiered Fondant Cakes

Izzy B's kitchen has never been this busy. We had a lot of orders to fulfill that we don't even have time to update this blog. There are lots more to update but we'll start with this one;

We are very excited about this order, as it is the first time we are taking order for a tiered fondant cupcakes. The preparation start few days earlier, with sketches and sourcing for ingredients and tools. And in the end, the results was awesome! Just look at these pictures...

Tell us what do you like about this cake!


  1. kagummssss! hopefully bleh ikut jejak langkah..

  2. hahaha, apa la jejak-nya pun. senget benget aje lining nya.

  3. what i like is that i think it's awesome i have a friend who can make such a masterpiece!! hehehe. seriously, job well done.
    zam! been ages since we all last meet up. let's do it soon ya? xoxo.

  4. jauh lg nak pgl masterpiece nad.

    yes yes...jom jom!