Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Little Pony Cupcakes: The Result

Remember this? We finally had the time to update our bake-shop with the actual final cupcakes.
It was based on My Little Pony. So, the ponies had to be there one way or another. Only thing, the order was for 12 cuppies and am not sure if I want to put all the characters in there. One thing for sure, there had to be toppers cos client kept mentioning about how she loves the toppers that we did for another order made by her colleagues. Plus, they are easier to make compared to if we were to try free-hand them right onto the cuppies, isnt it.
So, here are the toppers:

And thanks to the many inspirations, we settled for the castle and rainbow for the rest. Pic below
is the whole set of cupcakes, ready to be delivered to the client.

And another close-up:

My Little Pony cuppies nicely packed in Izzy B's new standard package:

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