Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baking Inspired: My Little Pony

We received an order for a 12 pieces of cupcakes. To be delivered on coming Thursday. Customer requested for my little pony theme. Uh, Ms. Kecik sure happy tgk final product nanti cos she looooveessss horse-y.

Discuss2, gedebuk2, gedebak, she let me decide on the colors but mentioned that she wanted them to be colorful. She also loves the toppers that we made for another client. So, we know for sure that we are going to make them again specially for her. Or, more like her recipient la kan.

She also email-ed me the cake that her recipient had for her birthday last year. Which was also my little pony theme. Sorry, we can't publish the picture here as of yet. At least not until the delivery was made. Kang nanti terkantoi plak kan. We thought, it should be a surprise?

Anyway, a little inspiration from En. Google:

Group picture of the Ponies

The pink & violet castle

The rainbow

pics: Google images

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