Friday, June 5, 2009

Syikin & Faqar's Akad Nikah

I was very much honored by this one order. Both Syikin and Faqar were my colleage-mate kat US dulu. Preparation for the event was started much much earlier with both Along and Syikin berganti-ganti giving suggestions and recommendations.

Finally, they settled for a set of cupcakes for hantaran and another for makan do after the akad nikah itself, to be served on my 3-tier. The theme color is purple, which I matched with putih and a bit of silver here and there.

The Hantaran

The Desserts

I did put a lot of effort to 'jayakan' this one order. Siap dengan decorate tier with hanging manik lagi, dengan cupcake hantaran siap ada butterfly lagi. the end of it, it was all worth it!


  1. nice... :-) takder gambar close up ker?

  2. For hantaran mmg takde. But for tier, kena check balik. I'll take note that lenkali kena amik gmbr close-up. Thanks.

  3. Click at the image to enlarge the pic. :D