Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in THE Kitchen...

Hello all,

It has been long since I post anything here. Truthfully, I have not been baking for as long as it seems. Life was hectic. First, with the passing of my beloved grandmother. Then, with the assignment in Jakarta for 3 weeks.

Had a blast in Jakarta and Bandung, no doubt. With all the shoppings and stuff. It was good to be off from baking once in a while. I was like 'this' close to closing down the business but drama aside, I am now back in the kitchen. Dah beli KitchenAid, takkan tak nak baking lak kan.

Prior to the Jakarta trip, I had so many order requests which are mostly still pending till now. Sekarang dah masuk office balik, think I will try to conquer 'em all week by week. Fortunately, these are people whom are dearly to me, who know me well enough, yang paham bahasa when am busy, or not.

Insyallah, tomorrow I will be posting my latest work which I am very mcuh excited about...

Stay tuned!

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