Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updates di Bulan Ramadhan

We're so touched. Many people were asking why we're not taking orders during this Ramadhan. Many others insisted for orders anyway. Some, we can't just reject so we had to accept them anyway. Some were very understanding, once we explained.

Truthfully, tangan ni pun dah gatal nak berbaking. But decision has been made. And we should stick to it. Buat decision pun, setelah ditimbang baik buruk of the current situations. Situations lah sangat...

But most of you who have been following us, would know that we are a part time baker; we go to office during the day and bake at night, after our beloved daughter go to sleep. So a break in Ramadhan would allow us to reorganize our life, in a way. Deciding on who supposed to be in charge of what, our daughter's schedule/daily activities and so on. Tak masuk lagi bab yang takde helper. My friends squeal when finding out that my husband bakes too!

And don't get me started with the many long overdue posts. Which we have FINALLY succeeded in updating them all as of last night. The dates are jumbled up, but hey, at least they are there! Untuk kenangan...and portfolio for customers to look at.

Plus, we need to restructure the business a bit. Looking for a new bigger oven, maybe a chiller as well as updating our 'accounting' records. Or introduce new products, perhaps?? We are also looking into converting our store as a storage area. So we need time to scout around for best affordable options. That itself requires a day trip to IKEA.

On personal wise, I am in dire need for a new handbag. Been thinking about it for so long now. But hardly made effort to go scout. Only weekend baru ni, we got a chance to survey around. Which I finally found THE one. Ini jek took up the whole 2-day weekend. Tak masuk lagi nak survey barang2 lain yang nak dibeli.

But most importantly, this is actually my 1st year going to terawih after Ms. Kecik was born. Bukan tak pernah pegi sebelum ni, tapi inconsistent. This year, I tried to go as often as I can. With her in tow. So far so good. Tu tak masuk lagi plans for berbuka puasa dengan family & kawan2x. Masa bila pulak la nak bake kan?!!

On another note, we're so happy that the cheese tarts promotion is going very2x well. Thanks to MommyLyna who made the effort to promote it in her blog. THANKS TO YOU TOO for being so supportive with our business. Rezeki bulan Ramadhan...

Alhamdulillah. Harap-harap bertambah-tambah lagi in the future. Boleh la buat promotion lagi, akan datang....Insyallah.


  1. oh yakah

    sukanya saya :D


  2. terima kasih lah byk2...thn depan insyallah, ada promo lain pulak.