Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weekend Activity

This was what we did last weekend. The first weekend at home, after a 4-day training in Lumut. A bonding time between me and Ms. Kecik, while En. Abah was having his own 'me' time.

It was actually a recipe for gingerbread man cookies which Ms. Kecik saw from one of my many kid's baking book. But we altered 'em a bit since I don't already have the gingerbread man cookie cutter. This was from IKEA instead. I also put the adunan in freezer for a little bit so they are less sticky while am pressing the cutters in.

The recipe called for cinnamon powder but I don't have them in stock. Luckily I have rempah kek lapis in hand, so use them instead. This was the cookies before going into the oven, in a variety of shapes suka-hati-mak-nenek jek.

They are so easy, it did not even take half an hour to bake. If I was not mistaken, they just need to be baked for like 1o minutes, perhaps? Or less. Tu pun ada iras-iras nak hangus dah.

Verdict? No frills baking and sedap. Especially for tea time. We had to bake 3 rounds as my tiny oven can't fit 'em all in one go. Ms. Kecik could not wait for the 2nd round to finish baking, the 1st batch dah abis.

Guess that tell 'em all, eh? Think we'll be baking 'em as sugar cookies for Ms. Kecik's party pack as well.

Macam menarik jek...We'll see.

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