Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Peach Wedding Cake

It was my cousin's wedding. My mom wanted to sponsor their wedding cake as a gift to the bride&groom. So, she asked me to bake a 3 tier wedding cake, in peach. The rest is up to our imagination.

My mom loves flowers. Hence, it is almost natural to have flowers on the cake. Though the cake was not for her kan. It was actually for the cake cutting ceremony. Imagine our nervousness when we presented the cake.

The peach colour is so sweet. Our humble camera did not do them justice. Inside is chocolate cake, topped with buttercream icing and deco-ed with white roses and butterflies.

The cake was big and heavy. Boleh tahan berpeluh la jugak trying to smoothen the whole surface and carry them to the wedding place. Had so much fun doing it. It was such a good experience. Banyak benda nak kena study lagi ni.