Friday, November 6, 2009

Miss Us??, where do I start?? Huh!

First and foremost, if you haven't realized, the blog was in a mess for a very-very long time! We hired a professional to do the job but unfortunately, we were put on a waiting list till God knows when. While waiting for our turn to come, we decided to try and challenge ourselves a little bit and create our own blog header yang kat atas tu. Nice eh? Not bad at all, we'd say.

So, we decided to revamp our blog here and there. We chose a plain white background to give way to higher quality future blog posts and of course, for better quality snapshots of our cupcakes. We are also upgrading our packaging from the normal white cake box to a see through white box that comes with an insert to hold your cupcakes. So, bye-bye to spills and hello, classy! Uh, and with the new packaging, we are now introducing cupcakes packages in multiples of 12 or 25 pieces. So, it is now very-very easy for you to decide how many cupcakes you want to order. Senang kan?

Uh, and thanks to the ever so supportive customers, recently, we received 4 orders in one day. We booked them all in the calendar so, you can see how busy our kitchen going to be. With that, we are hoping for many-many more posts to come. So, do come back to check 'em out!

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