Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes with Toppers

The order came from a lady, to be delivered to her boyfriend on his birthday. Since she email-ed us much much earlier on from the delivery date, we managed to spend many2 hours to plan and do research on the design etc. As a result, the cupcakes turned out perfect!

And we are proud to say, this is our first time using cupcake toppers - like what you see in the pictures below. Customer requested for the 'dolls' as part of the cupcakes deco. To draw them free-hand may take a longer time than the usuals, hence we decided to use the cupcake toppers instead which we made ourselves, btw. The 'dolls' have a sentimental to the couple. This way, the birthday boy can keep them forever!

Premium Package
Choc and Vanilla with Buttercream / Cupcake Toppers
Box of 16 Medium Size
RM60 + RM5 for delivery

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