Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bridal Shower Cuppies

Thanks to my favorite girls, I am now their (self-proclaimed) in-house baker. They continue to challenge me with unique designs, the latest being "obscene cupcakes".

Mira is getting married in October. We had thought of throwing her a bridal shower before the BIG day. Iman being the organizer, had ordered this 18SX cupcakes. I had tons of fun designing them as this is my first time to do such designs. Had to crack my head a little bit to decide which nozzle to use for which purpose. Unfortunately, I was advised not to put up the cupcake pictures here*, out of respect to my readers.

But, that doesn't mean I won't put ANY pictures at all! Enjoy...

{The Table Set-up}

{The Bride to be}

{My Dinner: Duck Confit Ravioli}

{The Girls}

* Pictures are available upon request. Please email


  1. thank you zam for the yummy cupcakes! despite some feedback on certain things to be "larger" (*ehem*), it's job well done nevertheless!
    yep, you're definitely the one we're going to FIRST for any cupcakes/cakes needs ;)


  2. i know!! kinky gila budak2 kecik tu eh? hahahhaa....