Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before and After Photo Story

My journey into baking has been so much fun. I am learning a ton about baking and cake decorating that I could care less previously. I go through my previous entries and it’s been very obvious, since starting Izzy B. in 2008, how much my baking has improved. Considering the fact that I hardly cook before, and what is more to bake a cake! I have not only improved in my cupcakes design, but also improvement in the cake itself. It is not easy ok, to control the temperature of your oven so that the cake did not turn out burnt. Now, baking is much more enjoyable as I get to experiment with many different colours or even, play with gumpaste to make flowers. Am so proud of myself!

So, I thought it would be fun to post a photo from the past, when I first started Izzy B. Then compare it to a photo of latest creation so to see the progress.



This is cute. I use vibrant colours so they look 'fun'. But they are too bright to my liking. It was an order by ever-so-supportive friend of mine, Fazdlee. Notice, I use colourful sprinkles? That is actually a short cut to making the cupcakes looks pretty and yummy at the same time! Notice, I only posted 1 picture in this entry to showcase my cupcakes.


Now I make sure I take photos of my creations from every angle possible.

Another thing I do now is to have more options in the decorations. Notice, I used fondant and gumpaste flowers in this design. Aren't they pretty?

Look at the packaging as well. This was packed in a premium gold-coloured box as a hantaran.

Cantik kan? Even I drool on my cupcake pictures ALL THE TIME. I used to eat A LOT of cupcakes back then, when I first starting. I still do but lately, I improvised them into cake balls. Surprisingly, they are such a hit as well!

So, what's your story?

Come on over and share.

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