Saturday, August 15, 2009

Magical Night-Themed Princess Cake

Ordered by Juana for her niece's birthday on Sunday, which is the day after her birthday. Juana took a picture of a princess cake from a magazine and requested I make the same for her niece. Such a sporting auntie, eh??


  1. thank u, thank u. insyallah next yr, am going to make this for my daughter gak. heheh...

  2. I know!!! Nervous tgh tunggu customer comments.

  3. Zam,

    Everybody loves the cake! Sayang nak makan.. And you know what? Batrisya keep on staring at the cake and she dont allow anyone to touch, cut or even blow the candles with her!

    But i manage to steal one of the candy he he he

  4. Juana,

    Glad dat they love the cake. Esp after the disaster i created. isk isk, trauma btul aku.